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Jarad Comingdeer.

Developer, Designer, Illustrator.

I am a front-end web developer based in San Diego, California. I love building web applications.


  • Usability First: Web applications are tools first. If you can't use it, no amount of bells and whistles are going to fix it.
  • Flexible Development: Design changes and code will break. Developing modular code with proper tools ensures longevity and easier changes as project evolves.
  • Give It A Soul: Style and presentation go a long way. Setting the right tone enhances experiences and can be the difference between a good experience or an impactful one.


  • Comprehensive Front-end Developer focused on iterative development, behavior driven design, and implementations that work across all platforms.
  • Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of California, San Diego.
  • 6+ years experience developing everything from static webpages to full-fledged web applications, and drawing fun guys like this. Rawr!




  • Writing clean markup and reusable styles.
  • Building adaptive web apps that work on all browsers and platforms.
  • Using frameworks and precompilers to make development fast and agile.
  • Utilizing HTML5 and CSS3 when appropriate.


  • Experience writing both modular and object oriented code.
  • Familiar with most libraries and frameworks. Including jQuery, Ember and Node.
  • Using behavior driven testing to improve debugging and outline code functionality.


  • Data centric approch for application functionality.
  • Optimizing site load and render times.
  • Implementing analytics and tracking systems.
  • Experience with A/B and user-testing.

Design & Illustration

  • Adept with the majority of Adobe Creative Suite programs as well as alternatives like Sketch and Pixelmator.
  • Drawing vector based icons, logos, and illustrations.
  • Designing layouts for multiple devices.
  • Editing and shooting video as well as creating motion graphics with Final Cut Pro and Motion.
server stack


  • Comfortable with server-side languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python.
  • Familiar with Objective-C and ActionScript.
  • Experience with multiple forms of data storage like MySQL, MongoDB, and HTML5 Storage.

Latest Projects


Company website for SweetLabs. Built using Foundation and Handlebars and a matching Wordpress theme for the blog. Displays on pretty much every device you can think of along with a host of javascript enhancements.

Company Website


A really simple iPhone brightness control. I found myself having trouble adjusting the brightness when I was driving, skiing, or doing something else active.

App Website


Instagram for your Windows PC. I inherited the Pokki app while working at SweetLabs.

App Website


I loved playing Lights Out as a kid. What started out as a simple prototype I ended up turning into a little javascript web game. Try and beat it on hard!

LightGrid Game GitHub Project


An attempt to make QR codes cool. Enabled comments and pictures to be posted on a physical object using stickers. Unfortunately we recently shut the service down but it was an amazing learning experience.


This site is a project too! Check out the source code:

GitHub Project

About Me (non-technical)

Climber Jarad

I think there’s something to enjoy in all things, so I tend to like a lot of things.

When I’m not building web applications, I love outdoor activities that provide a healthy dose of challenge and adventure like skiing, climbing, backpacking and sailing. I have an unending appetite for live music, video games, books and anything else that inspires creativity and great experiences. I relish a good debate, a good beer, and lasting friendships.

Like so many things in life, the whole is often greater than the sum of parts, so I try to keep adding more good parts!